Dezvoltarea Sustenabilă și Managementul Mediului



Masterat: Dezvoltarea sustenabilă și managementul mediului

Academic year 2017-2018

The MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management – SDEM (in the field of Environmental Engineering) is a 2 year full-time programme taught in English, at the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, Babes-Bolyai University.


  • Why study the Master in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management?

This Master’s programme aims to train future change-makers and leaders who are able to understand the integrated nature of the environmental subjects and to put into practice a number of methods and techniques for environmental management, in order to develop a sustainable human society.  MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management provides, in particular, the opportunity for students to learn and apply:

  • Knowledge and techniques needed to develop and implement environmental policies in order to achieve sustainable development;
  • Analytical thinking that leads to environmental decisions;
  • Interactions between science, politics and policy, society, economy, and environment;
  • Tools to facilitate the participation of and partnerships with various stakeholders (from public and private sectors) through dialogue;
  • Specific case studies for Romania and other EU countries.


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Flexible Program & Attractive Courses

  • What will you study?


First semester

Fundamentals of sustainable development

Integrated environmental management systems

Assessment and analysis procedures in ecological management

Risk assessment and management of hazardous chemical substances

Fire and explosion risk assessment

Second semester

Environmental policy-making

Global climate changes

Integrated management of water resources and wastewater treatment procedures

Integrated management of natural and technological risks

Professional practice

Optional courses no.1 (to choose between):

Modeling and simulation of chemical accidents

GIS analysis for environmental studies


Third semester

Waste management, treatment and recovery

Management of contaminated sites

Green marketing and negotiation tactics

Energy resources and the environment

Optional courses no.2 (to choose between):

Dosimetry techniques for environmental studies and radiation protection concepts;

LIDAR systems

Optional courses no.3 (to choose between):

Organizational management and sustainable leadership

Techniques of communication and academic writing

Fourth semester

Computer-aided design for environmental protection

Professional practice

Dissertation thesis

  • Who are our invited speakers and teaching staff?

Some of them are: Prof. PhD. Eng. Alexandru Ozunu (Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering), Prof. PhD. Eng. C. Baciu (Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering), Senior Researcher PhD. G. Etiope (INGV- Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Rome, Italy), Prof. PhD. A. Mahalov (Arizona State University, USA), Prof. PhD. Eng. P. Burny (University of Liege and Walloon Center for Agricultural Research, Belgium), Prof. PhD. A. Jordaan (Disaster Management Training and Education Centre for Africa-DiMTEC, University of the Free State, South Africa).  

  • What career options can you have?

Msc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management is the best opportunity to enhance your career prospects. This programme propels you in the engineering and technology fields. Very often our students found their own innovative start-ups and/or chose an academic career by continuing with PhD studies. Therefore, if you want to become a better specialist in management and remediation of contaminated sites, in water management, land management, or natural resources project manager, environmental engineer (ecologist), ecologist (environmental) advisor, environmental analyst, Msc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management offers you the perfect preparation in a dynamic, flexible and tailored market environment.


SDEM 2017

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