Bachelor’s Degree

Educational offer of the Environmental Science and Engineering Faculty, academic year 2017-2018


Bachelor level Domain Specialization Line of study
Environmental Science Environmental Science Romanian
Environmental Science Hungarian
Environmental Science- Sf. Gheorghe Extension Hungarian
Environmental Geography Romanian
Environmental Audit and Management Romanian
Protected areas management and biodiversity conservation Romanian

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Romanian
Biotechnical and ecological system engineering Romanian
Quality, health, security and environmental engineering Romanian

*Admission will be held only if the necessary accreditations shall be obtained


Selection criteria of the candidates, for all specializations- Bachelor level, are the following:

  • motivational essay (admitted/ rejected ratings)
  • average baccalaureate media (100% weight in the final media)




Candidates registration and essay completion/ handing in 12-15 july; 17-19 july
Essay results. Contestation filing. 20july
Admission results after the contestation phase. (first phase) 21 july
Confirmation of the position on which a candidate has been declared admitted (budget or tax) 22 july; 24-27 iuly
Results after the confirmations (second phase); Sliding and redistribution. 28 july
Budget position confirmations after sliding; Tax positions confirmations. 28-29 july
Final results. 31 july