Environmental Science Doctoral School

Prof.dr.Baciu Calin


Environmental analysis, Geochemistry of fluids, Hydrogeology


Prof.dr.Ozunu Alexandru


Environmental risk analysis and management, Natural and technological hazards, Environmental assessment


Prof.dr.Ristoiu Dumitru


Analytic techniques for environmental monitoring, Renewable energy and climate change


Prof. asociat dr. Gurzau Eugen


Environmental health, Environmental toxicology




The emerging effects induced by the strong pressure the contemporary society puts on the natural systems have revealed the necessity to rethink the complex relationship between Man and the Environment. Graduates from various fields of science and technology are welcome to this PhD program in Environmental Science. Our approach is interdisciplinary in its nature and able to accommodate different perspectives, with the ultimate goal of finding solutions to the current environmental challenges. The program is research-based and highly personalized for each of the enrolled students. It aims to develop the research skills and creative thinking necessary for successfully addressing the difficult environmental issues we face in the 21st century. The PhD students will have the opportunity to receive training and apply their initiatives to a broad and exciting research field.