Project title


Funding Program

Program IDEI_Proiecte de Cercetare Exploratorie_Competitie 2011
Project PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0537

Project duration

October 2011 – September 2016


The project proposes a complex approach intending to provide a more precise quantification and understanding of the geogenic emission of greenhouse gases (GHG), especially CH4 and CO2, and photochemical pollutants from geothermal and petroleum systems. Romania is one of the richest European countries in surface manifestations of natural gas, and there are opportunities for significant contributions to the general field of gas geochemistry, assessment of the GHG release to the atmosphere, and practical applications in petroleum exploration, management, or risk related to gas emissions, or tourism development. Previous studies of the proposing team gave estimates of CH4 emissions from the main hydrocarbon-prone areas and revealed extraordinary geochemical features in one degassing area. However, the available information is still insufficient, especially in geothermal areas. Two main objectives are proposed: clarification of the gas origin, and quantification of the gas emission. The research will provide two combined datasets, focusing on gas flux and gas geochemistry respectively. The obtained data will contribute to the National Inventory of GHG emissions, prepared for the UNFCCC.

Research team

Prof. Calin Baciu – project manager
Dr. Giuseppe Etiope – senior researcher
Dr. Dan Costin – senior researcher
Dr. Cristian Malos – senior researcher
Dr. Carmen Roba – postdoc researcher
Dr. Ildiko Varga – postdoc researcher
Artur Ionescu – doctoral student
Cristian Pop – doctoral student
Nicolae Frunzeti – doctoral student
Boglarka Kis – doctoral student
Greta Mandrean – technical support

Published papers

Frunzeti N., Baciu C., Etiope G., Pfanz H., 2012, Geogenic emission of methane and carbon dioxide at Beciu mud volcano, (Berca-Arbanasi hydrocarbon bearing structure, Eastern Carpathians, Romania), Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 7, No. 3, p. 159 – 166.

Frunzeti N., Baciu C., 2012, Diffuse CO2 emission at Sfânta Ana lake-filled crater (Eastern Carpathians, Romania). Procedia Environmental Sciences 14, 188 – 194. Elsevier.

Kis B.-M., Czellecz B., Baciu C, Kékedy-Nagy L., 2012, Hydrogeochemical features of some mineral waters at the contact between Harghita Mts. (Eastern Carpathians) and the Transylvanian Basin. Procedia Environmental Sciences 14 ( 2012 ) 195 – 206, Elsevier.

Baciu C., Frunzeti N., Ionescu A., Etiope G., Costin D., Malos C., Geogenic gas emissions in Romania and their value for tourism. Proceedings International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference  SGEM 2012, 439-446.

Allen C.C., Oehler D. Z., Etiope G., Van Rensbergen P., Baciu C., Feyzullayev A., Martinelli G., Tanaka K., Van Rooij D., 2013, Fluid expulsion in terrestrial sedimentary basins: A process providing potential analogs for giant polygons and mounds in the martian lowlands. Icarus 224/2, 424-432.

Frunzeti N., Moldovan M., Burghele B.-D., Cosma C., Baciu C., Papp B., Popita G.-E., Stoian L.-C., 2013, Flux measurements of 222Rn, CH4 and CO2 along with soil concentrations (222Rn, CO, NO2 and SO2) over a methane reservoir in Transylvania (Romania). Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, vol. 8, No. 3, p. 75 – 80.

Kis B.M. Italiano F., Baciu C., Rizzo A., Kármán K., 2013, Geochemistry of fluids from the Eastern Carpathians and Transylvanian Basin boundary (Romania) – Constraints on the origin of mineral waters and dissolved gases, Goldschmidt 2013 International Conference, Mineralogical Magazine, 77 (5), 1472 (abstract)

Ioan-Cristian Pop, Artur Ionescu, Calin Baciu, 2015, Methane seepage from geologic sources on the Moldavian Platorm (Eastern Romania). Carp. J. Earth Env. Sci. 10, 1: 203-210.

 Annual reports

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