Physico-chemical laboratory for water and sediments (LIAS)

Physico-chemical laboratory for water and sediments (LIAS)

 The laboratory provides technical and analytical chemistry support for the:-       faculties scientific research projects, as well as for the students researches at PhD, master and bachelor level


Environmental Science and Engineering Faculty A body first flour



Associate Professor PhD Eng. Radu MIHĂIESCU ·

Associate Professor PhD Eng. Radu MIHĂIESCU

Professor PhD Eng. Cristina ROȘU

Scientific researcher III dr. Carmen ROBA

Scientific researcher III dr. Ildiko MARTANAȘI

Technician Gyongyi JAKAB


Chemical analysis from environment samples (water, soil, air, sludge and vegetation);

Main Equipment

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer Zeenit 700 Analytik Jena (flame mode, hydride, HydrEA and graphite furnace technology)§  Measurements of metallic elements in environment samples (water, air soil)

Microwave Pressure Digestive System Berghof Speed wave  Sample conditioning by microwave digestion

Dionex Ion Chromatograph§  Ion chromatographic analysis of water samples

Total Organic Carbon Analyser Shimadzu §  Measuring of the carbon and nitrogen content in water samples

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Shimadzu§  Absorption spectroscopy technique measurements for conditioned samples of air, water soil