The MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management

The MSc in Sustainable Development and Environmental Management (SDEM) is a 2 year full-time program taught in English, with a total of 120 ECTS credits.

This Master’s program aims to train future change makers and leaders who are able to understand the integrated nature of the environmental subjects and to put into practice a number of methods and techniques for environmental management, in order to develop a sustainable human society


The program provides, in particular, the opportunity for students to learn and apply

  • knowledge and techniques needed to develop and implement environmental policies in order to achieve sustainable development;
  • analytical thinking that leads to environmental decisions;
  • interactions between science, politics, society, economy and environment;
  • specific case studies for Romania and Central and Eastern Europe

As a graduate of this joint program you will have a wide field of employment options in the private, public and semi-public sector or you may choose an academic career by continuing with PhD-studies in a relevant field.



  • adoption of specific terminology in environmental management and sustainable development;
  • understanding the details related to sustainable development and environmental management;
  • superior capacity for analysis and synthesis, based on the use of rigorous scientific methods;
  • graduates will be able to initiate, plan and conduct complex analysis and environmental assessment studies;
  • use of specific environmental risk assessment software, licensed and approved internationally;
  • interpersonal skills: ability to work in teams – environmental audit (integrated environmental management systems), HAZOP team etc.
  • systemic competences, mainly the ability to work independently (external expert / consultant);
  • ability to design projects, to run them and to obtain the desired results;
  • knowledge of specific measures to reduce natural and technological risks;
  • ability to integrate environmental data with other socio-economic parameters to get a broader perspective of sustainable development;
  • understanding the rules for the preparation of regulatory documents issued by environmental authorities;
  • ability to use appropriate evaluation criteria and methods of sustainable industrial systems


Flexible Program and Attractive Courses

Year I, Sem 1

  • Fundamentals of sustainable development
  • Integrated environmental management systems
  • Assessment and analysis procedures in ecological management
  • Risk assessment and managemnt of hazardous chemical substances
  • Fire and explosion risk assessment

Year I, Sem 2

  • Environmental policy making
  • Global climate changes
  • Integrated management of water resources and wastewater treatment procedures
  • Integrated management of natural and technological procedures risks
  • Professional practice
  • Optional courses

Year II, Sem 3

  • Waste management, treatment and recovery
  • Management of contaminated sites
  • Green marketing and negotiation tactics
  • Energy resources and the environment
  • Optional courses

Year II, Sem 4

  • Computer aided design for environmental protection
  • Professional practice
  • Dissertation thesis