Environmental Analysis and Engineering Department


The Department of Environmental Analysis and Engineering is organized and operates on the basis of the provisions of the National Education Law no. 1/2011, the Charter and Senate Decisions of the Babeş-Bolyai University, as well as the Regulation of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering.

The mission of the Department of Analysis and Mediation Engineering is:

  • Provides knowledge creation through an intensive research process;
  • Ensure the training of students and researchers, active and responsible citizens, promoting education and research in line with the requirements of a knowledge and values based society through initial training, continuous education and integration into the universal value chain;
  • Contributes to local, regional and national development from a social, economic, cultural point of view by engaging with the needs of the community

In the Department of Environmental Analysis and Engineering, distinct study lines can be organized in Romanian, Hungarian and modern international languages. The line of study is the form of organization of the teaching process in the department.


Prof.dr.Alexandru OZUNU


Areas of interest:
Environmental engineering, risk assessment, disaster management, assessment of hazards and risks in polluting industries, vulnerability assessment and critical infrastructure protection.

Cristina Rosu

Prof.dr. Cristina ROSU


Areas of interest:


Conf. dr. Bocos-Bintintan Victor


Areas of interest:

Trace detection of chemicals.Generation of standard atmospheres.Instrumental analysis – with emphasis on ionization methods (e.g., IMS, PID, MS). Ion mobility spectrometry IMS and all its variants. Detection of: TICs (Toxic Industrial Chemicals), CWAs (Chemical Warfare Agents), illegal drugs & precursors, explosives & taggants; pollutants. Bacteria discrimination using their chemical signatures. Olfactory markers of living organisms, including humans.

Delia Gligor

Conf.dr. Gligor Delia


Areas of interest:

Developing and characterization of new electrochemical sensors/biosensors based on innovative materials and their application for environmental pollution control Monitoring of chemical pollutants in water, soil and vegetation samples

Simion Beldean

Conf.dr.Beldean-Galea Simion


Areas of interest:

Development of analytical separation techniques (gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, chyphenated and multidimensional techniques) for qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic pollutants in the environment. Development of advanced and miniaturized extraction techniques for organic pollutants from various environmental matrices.Study of the behavior of organic pollutants in advanced oxidation processes.Identify sources of pollution using various isomeric ratios.Study of mechanisms of transfer of organic pollutants into environmental factors.

Mircea Anton

Lect. dr. Anton Mircea


Areas of interest :

Microbial Fuel Cells, Electromagnetic and Noise Pollution, Sensors
















Lect.dr. Dicu Tiberius


Areas of interest:

Assessment of the genotoxic effects related tochronic low-dose ionizing radiation; Health effects of radon; Retrospective dosimetry; Smart systems for public safety through control and  mitigation of residential radon

Zoltan Torok

Lect.dr.Torok Zoltan


Areas of interest:

Dana Malschi

Conf.dr. Malschi Dana


Areas of interest:

Elements of biology, ecophysiology, microbiology applied to the environment. Biotechnologies applied to the environment (ecological reconstruction, bioremediation, biological depollution of degraded lands, phytoextraction and bioaccumulation of pollutants in constructed wetlands). Agroecology and Sustainable Development, Entomology (integrated pest control, sustainable use of biodiversity, the environmental importance of agroforestry protective curtains).

Alida Gabor

Conf.dr.Alida TIMAR-GABOR


Areas of interest:

Thermoluminescence and optically stimulated luminescence dating; environmental dosimetry; retrospective dosimetry; environmental radioactivity, electron spin resonance.

Lect.dr.Ajtai Nicolae


Areas of interest:

Atmospheric remote sensing – LIDAR, sun-photometry, aerosol optical and microphysical properties; Risk and impact assessment of atmospheric pollutants; Atmospheric dispersion modelling; Atmospheric radiative transfer.

Conf.dr. Mihaiescu Radu


Areas of interest:

Environmental Engineering, Environmental management, Monitoring the environment-water, air, soil, Atomic absorption spectrometry





Lect.dr. Modoi Cristina


Areas of interest:

Dorin Manciula

Lect.dr. Manciula Dorin


Areas of interest: