Doctoral level

Doctoral level

Doctoral School of Environmental Science


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PhD supervisors within the Doctoral School of Environmental Science

Professor Călin BACIU, email:

Fields of Interest:

  • Natural greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fluid geochemistry

Associate Professor Delia GLIGOR, email:

Fields of Interest:

  • Electrochemical sensors / biosensors for environmental pollution control
  • Chemical pollutants monitoring in water, soil and vegetation samples

Adjunct Professor Eugen GURZĂU, MD/PhD,

Fields of Interest

  • The influence of environmental factors on health
  • Environmental toxicology

Professor Alexandru Ozunu, email:

Fields of Interest:

  • Risk assessment and disaster management
  • Natural, technological and NATECH hazards

Professor Dumitru RISTOIU, email:

Fields of Interest:

  • Analytical methods and techniques for environmental monitoring and control
  • Renewable energy and climate change

Associate Professor Simion-Mihail BELDEAN – GALEA, email:

Fields of Interest:

  • Assessment of the prevalence and environmental behavior of emerging pollutants by modern and hyphenated chromatographic techniques
  • Wastewater base epidemiology (WBE)

Doctoral School Council

Prof. Călin BACIU

Assoc. Prof. Delia GLIGOR

Prof. Tiberiu Rusu

PhD student Valeria Pop ( Bob)


PhD students in normal study stage