Welcome to the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering! 

It is one of the most modern and dynamic faculties of the Babes-Bolyai University and it provides training in environmental matters – at undergraduate, master’s and doctoral level – in the newest, most attractive and most sought specializations – Environmental Science (in Romanian and Hungarian), Environmental Geography, Environmental Engineering, Engineering of Biotechnical and Ecological Systems (undergraduate); Risk Assessment and Environment Safety, Environment Management and Protection, Environmental Quality and Energy Sources, Engineering for Waste Valorisation and Sustainable Development and Environmental Management.

Over the years, the faculty has continuously developed and adapted its priorities promoted in educational policies and environmental strategies, while seeking to respond to ever-increasing and demanding requests from the labour market.

The Faculty vision can be summarized as such:

  • Education concentrating on two converging fields, Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering;
  • Advanced research, which excels in three specific directions – assessment of environmental quality; environmental radioactivity; natural, and technological hazards, and disaster management;
  • Service to the community.


Master specialization: Sustainable Development and Environmental Management

Study program for 2022-2023: 


  • First semester:

Fundamentals of sustainable development

Integrated environmental management systems

GIS analysis for environmental studies

Risk assessment and management of hazardous chemical substances

Air quality management

+ Research fieldwork

  • Second semester:

Dosimetry techniques for environmental studies and radiation protection concepts

Environmental legislation and politics at international level

Global climate changes

Integrated management of water resources and wastewater treatment procedures

Risk assessment and disaster management

Optional courses: Fire and explosion risk assessment OR Assessment and analysis procedures in ecological management

+ Professional field work

Short description of the courses Study plan (RO)

Second year:

  • First semester:

Energetic resources and the environment

Management of contaminated sites

Waste management, treatment and recovery

Eco-responsible entrepreneurship and negotiation tactics

Optional courses:

Circular economy OR Applied remote sensing

Population protection against supertoxic chemical agents OR Specific communication strategies

+ Research fieldwork

  • Second semester:

Computer-aided design for environmental protection

Ethics and methodology of scientific research

Assessment of ecosystem services

Advanced methods in sampling, preparation and analysis of environmental samples

+ Research fieldwork

+ Dissertation thesis

Short description of the courses Study plan (RO)

If you have any questions, please contact our ERASMUS+ contact person: Maria-Lucia BIZĂU-CÂRSTEA

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