The aim of the workshop is to bring together palaeoclimatologists from Eastern and Central Europe in a 3-day research workshop, in order to begin gathering relevant palaeoclimate data in a standardized form, identify new directions of research to fill-in the ever-present “white spots” in knowledge, and establish new partnerships for future studies.

Venue and program
The workshop will be held in Cluj Napoca, at the Napoca Grand Hotel and Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, Babeș-Bolyai University.
The outline of the program is as follows:

6th March: Arrival of participants, welcome dinner in a nearby restaurant.
7th March: Presentations of papers from country delegates on the state of knowledge of past climates in their respective countries.
8th March: In day 2, three thematic workshops will be organized, in the framework of the INTIMATE workingroups (WG1-Dating and chronological modeling, WG2-Quantification of past climate, WG4-Climate impacts), based on the presentations in day 1. Further, each WG will present their results in form of an open discussion, which will make the transition to activities in day 3.
9th March: In day 3 (starting already in day 2) common workshops between the three WGs will be organized, to answer inter-group questions (e.g., Which chronological scale (discussed by WG 1) should be used by the “climate proxies” group? How did climatic changes influence past vegetation and hydrologic regime? To what extent can we use past vegetation modification to infer climatic changes? Are events in Central and Eastern Europe synchronous with those in the North Atlantic realm?)
At the end of day 3, the presentations to be delivered at the INTIMATE Spring Meeting in Scotland (April 2013) will be drafted and a list of possible papers to be published will be compiled.
Afternoon trip to the Transylvanian Museum of Ethnography and formal conference dinner.
10th March: departure of delegates.