The students of our College of Environmental Science and Engineering benefit of a highly qualified educational offer within the classes and a practical professional training in didactic and research laboratories, as well as on the premises of some large industrial operators.
Their career paths may be very diverse. After graduation, our students can perfect their studies by following one of the four lines of Masters accredited college or opt for improvement in the doctoral school of Environmental Science. They can also find employment at:

  • industrial operators (all profiles production, consulting and services),
  • governmental bodies (environmental agencies, environmental clearance, civil protection ‐ inspectorate for emergency water company Romanian, autonomous tutorials etc.),
  • non‐governmental organizations,
  • local government bodies ‐ Prefectures, municipalities,
  • businesses that need a department / office environmental protection,
  • private environmental consulting,
  • accredited companies perform environmental studies (for industrial, construction, investment, industrial, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, social, etc.),
  • environmental education and training (education and university).

Currently we have 500 students studying in 2 main fields in Romanian and Hungarian languages, in the field of Environmental Science and Engineering Science, 4 Bachelor specializations, 4 Master specializations and one Doctoral School of Environmental Science.




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ALEX MAHALOV, the Wilhoit Foundation Dean's Distinguished Professor, Arizona State University, lecture at the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, 21 May 2015, Iustinian Petrescu Amphitheatre. Details...


International Conference EcoUniversitaria 2015 is an international event that wants to promote the biggest minds of green sciences. We want to bring to light the best research papers of european students and not only that
The event will have two big parts.
First part, the contest between students that will be divided in two sections: Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering. Each section will have two other sections: presentation and posters. The second part of IC EcoU 2015 is a open public conference where international personalities will discuss about the sustainable development concept. Details....

Event Date: 13 MAY

Location: College of Environmental Science and Engineering