Admission Calendar

Admission Calendar

Online registration of candidates in the admission competition 10 July (from 9:00 o’clock) – 17 July (till 12:00 o’clock)
Online interview (examination, interview based on a personal and scientific development plan)

Display of interview results

Communication of final results

19 July
Submission of appeals 20 July
Confirmations of the place by the candidate who was declared as admitted. 21 July (from 9:00 o’clock) – 24 July (till 13:00 o’clock)
Notification on results pursuant to confirmations.

Changes and redistributions.

24-25 July
Confirmation of candidate’s place pursuant to changes. 25 July (from 9:00 o’clock) – 27 July (till 13:00 o’clock)
Notification on final results 27 July