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Domenii de Interes: Geochimia gazelor, Hidrocarburi, Degazarea Pământului, Metan, Hidrogen

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Se ocupă cu cercetări în domeniile geologiei și al geochimiei gazelor naturale, inclusiv studiul originii gazelor naturale, apariția și migrarea acestuia în geosferă, cu referire în special la metan și alte hidrocarburi.
Citat de
Natural hydrogen extracted from ophiolitic rocks: A first dataset
G Etiope
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 78, 368-372, 2024
A direct observation of a hydrogen-rich pressurized reservoir within an ophiolite (Tișovița, Romania)
C Baciu, G Etiope
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Global Methane Budget 2000–2020
M Saunois, A Martinez, B Poulter, Z Zhang, P Raymond, P Regnier, ...
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Insights into Seabed Fluid flows: Pockmark dynamics mapping and monitoring in Patras Gulf, Greece, Unveil Correlations to local tectonics and Earthquakes. The BLUEL project.
G Papatheodorou, M Geraga, D Christodoulou, E Fakiris, E Sokos, ...
EGU24, 2024
The Goshogake hydrothermal field (northern Japan): purely geothermal or hybrid sediment-hosted?
A Mazzini, Z Naizhong, G Etiope, MA Jajalla, M Nakagawa, A Gilbert
EGU24, 2024
Reconciliation of observation-and inventory-based methane emissions for eight large global emitters
AMR Petrescu, GP Peters, R Engelen, S Houweling, D Brunner, A Tsuruta, ...
Earth System Science Data Discussions 2024, 1-40, 2024
Combining methane clumped and bulk isotopes, temporal variations in molecular and isotopic composition, and hydrochemical and geological proxies to understand methane's origin …
L Ojeda, G Etiope, P Jiménez-Gavilán, IM Martonos, T Röckmann, ...
Chemical Geology 642, 121799, 2023
Geophysical and geochemical exploration of the pockmark field in the Gulf of Patras: New insights on formation, growth and activity
D Christodoulou, G Papatheodorou, M Geraga, G Etiope, N Giannopoulos, ...
Applied Sciences 13 (18), 10449, 2023
An overview of sedimentary volcanism on Mars
P Brož, D Oehler, A Mazzini, E Hauber, G Komatsu, G Etiope, V Cuřín
Earth Surface Dynamics 11 (4), 633-661, 2023
Methane emissions from abandoned hydrocarbon wells in Italy: inventory, measurement techniques and the role of mega-emitters
M Procesi, G Etiope, G Ciotoli, M Moroni
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU-7282, 2023
Massive release of natural hydrogen from a geological seep (Chimaera, Turkey): Gas advection as a proxy of subsurface gas migration and pressurised accumulations
G Etiope
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 48 (25), 9172-9184, 2023
The consolidated European synthesis of CH4 and N2O emissions for the European Union and United Kingdom: 1990–2019
AMR Petrescu, C Qiu, MJ McGrath, P Peylin, GP Peters, P Ciais, ...
Earth System Science Data 15 (3), 1197-1268, 2023
Seismic evidence of extensive microbial gas migration and trapping in submarine gas hydrates (Rakhine Basin, Bay of Bengal)
M Foschi, G Etiope, JA Cartwright
Marine and Petroleum Geology 149, 106100, 2023
Microbial vs abiotic origin of methane in continental serpentinized ultramafic rocks: A critical review and the need of a holistic approach
G Etiope, C Oze
Applied Geochemistry 143, 105373, 2022
Relevant methane emission to the atmosphere from the geological gas manifestation of the LUSI eruption study case, Indonesia
A Sciarra, A Mazzini, G Etiope, P Sadavarte, S Houweling, S Pandey, ...
2022 Goldschmidt Conference, 2022
Conflicting estimates of natural geologic methane emissions
BF Thornton, G Etiope, S Schwietzke, AV Milkov, RW Klusman, A Judd, ...
Elem Sci Anth 9 (1), 00031, 2021
Improved Constraints on Global Methane Emissions and Sinks Using δ13C‐CH4
X Lan, S Basu, S Schwietzke, LMP Bruhwiler, EJ Dlugokencky, SE Michel, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles 35 (6), e2021GB007000, 2021
Seasonal variation of methane microseepage in the Dawanqi oilfield (China): A possible climatic control
Y Zhao, G Wang, G Etiope, Y Wang, Z Zhu, C Wang, X Chen, J Tang
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 126 (10), e2021JD034637, 2021
Introduction III: The Perplexing Story of Methane on Mars
DZ Oehler, G Etiope, M Fries
Mars Geological Enigmas: From the Late Noachian Epoch to the Present Day …, 2021
Effects of thallium exposure on intestinal microbial community and organ functions in zebrafish (Danio rerio).
Y Wang, Y Zhou, X Wei, Y Chen, J Beiyuan, J She, L Wang, J Liu, Y Liu, ...
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 9, 2021
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