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Committed to the Responsible development of meat replacement products and practices: comparing Multidimensional barriers and potentials in European countries (ComMEATted)


FINANCING PROGRAM: European Joint Programming Initiative “A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life” (JPI HDHL), Joint Transnational Research Proposals, New food resources and technologies to improve public health and food security (FOODRETEC)

Period:  01/03/2024-01/03/2027


General description:

What? ComMEATted will examine, from an interdisciplinary perspective and across five countries (France, Ireland, Norway, Austria, and Romania), how a dietary transition towards reduced meat consumption (potentially relying on the consumption of plant proteins, insects, and synthetic meat) can be possible and under what conditions. Our project innovates by considering consumer choices in context: social, cultural, regulatory, economic, psychological and, ethical, religious, or ideological grounds because of complex food practices in Europe.

How? We aim to map a range of levers that may facilitate a transition to producing, making, selling, cooking, and eating healthy alternative proteins in Europe. This proposal includes exploratory research engaging end-users, consumers, and all food system stakeholders. It also aims at building more knowledge on narratives and discourses around meat-alternatives promoted by stakeholders in various national contexts (the food Industry, the agricultural sector, consumers’ associations, scientists, religious and ethical communities, the Media), on the domestic and EU regulatory governance, on labeling as well as on consumers’ attitudes towards novel foods (considering their current food regime, trust in institutions and innovations, beliefs and values, psychological and other determinants).

Babes-Bolyai University team members:

Ruxandra Malina Petrescu-Mag, PI

Ioana Pistea, team member

Kinga-Olga Reti, team member

Dacinia Crina Petrescu, team member

Lucian Cuibus, team member.