Prof.dr. Călin BACIU

Prof.dr. Călin BACIU

Conducere / Departamentul Știința Mediului /

Domenii de Interes: Management de mediu; Hidrogeologie; Geochimia fluidelor.


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Development of a New Eco-Friendly Copolymer Based on Chitosan for Enhanced Removal of Pb and Cd from Water
IV Ganea, A Nan, C Roba, I Neamțiu, E Gurzău, R Turcu, X Filip, C Baciu
Polymers 14 (18), 3735, 2022
Characterization of a Neoteric Clay-Based Composite for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Mining Water
IV Ganea, A Nan, C Roba, C Baciu
Analytical Letters, 1-15, 2022
Responsiveness assessment of cell cultures exposed to poly (tartaric acid) and its corresponding magnetic nanostructures
IV Ganea, A Nan, A Ciorîță, R Turcu, C Baciu
Journal of Molecular Structure 1248, 131459, 2022
CH4 isotopic signatures of emissions from oil and gas extraction sites in Romania
M Menoud, C van der Veen, H Maazallahi, A Hensen, I Velzeboer, ...
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 10 (1), 2022
Neoteric Material Based on Renewable Resources for Metal-Contaminated Waters
IV Ganea, A Nan, I Neamțiu, C Baciu
Environmental Sciences Proceedings 9 (1), 3, 2021
Development of a novel crosslinked polymer for dyes adsorption from contaminated aqueous solutions
IV Ganea, A Nan, R Turcu, C Baciu
National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology, INCD-ECOIND, 2021
Effective Removal of Crystal Violet Dye Using Neoteric Magnetic Nanostructures Based on Functionalized Poly(Benzofuran-co-Arylacetic Acid): Investigation of the …
IV Ganea, A Nan, C Baciu, R Turcu
Nanomaterials 11 (3), 679, 2021
Study of Metal Ion Removal from Aqueous Systems Using Magnetic Nanostructures Based on Functionalized Poly(Benzofuran-co-Arylacetic Acid)
IV Ganea, A Nan, R Turcu, C Roba, IA Neamtiu, C Baciu
Analytical Letters 54 (1-2), 184-203, 2021
Applicability of selected stable isotopes to study the hydrodynamics and contaminant transport within mining areas in Romania and Finland
DC Papp, C Baciu, K Turunen, A Kittilä
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 507 (1), 169-192, 2021
Geochemical Features of the Thermal and Mineral Waters From the Apuseni Mountains (Romania)
AM Nicula, A Ionescu, IC Pop, C Roba, FL Forray, I Orăşeanu, C Baciu
Frontiers in Earth Science, 720, 2021
Constraints on the hydrogeochemistry and origin of the CO2-rich mineral waters from the Eastern Carpathians–Transylvanian Basin boundary (Romania)
BM Kis, C Baciu, AR Zsigmond, L Kékedy-Nagy, K Kármán, L Palcsu, ...
Journal of Hydrology 591, 125311, 2020
Preliminary results of carbon degassing in the tectonically active areas of Balkan Peninsula
A Ionescu, C Cardellini, W D'Alessandro, A Caracausi, G Tamburello, ...
Naturally and environmentally driven variations in diatom morphology: implications for diatom-based assessment of water quality
A Olenici, C Baciu, S Blanco, S Morin
Modern Trends in Diatom Identification, 39-50, 2020
Groundwater characterization in southwestern Romania using fuzzy hierarchical cross clustering.
M Senila, C Sarbu, O Cadar, C Baciu, M Ponta, T Frentiu
Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ) 18 (9), 2019
Preliminary Considerations Regarding the Geothermal Potential in the Apuseni Mountains Area
AM Nicula, A Ionescu, IC Pop, I Orăşeanu, C Baciu
Studia UBB Ambientum 64 (2), 45-56, 2019
The FIRST large-scale mapping of radon concentration in soil gas and water in Romania
B Burghele, A Ţenter, A Cucoş, T Dicu, M Moldovan, B Papp, K Szacsvai, ...
Science of the Total Environment 669, 887-892, 2019
Noble gas and carbon isotope systematics at the seemingly inactive Ciomadul volcano (Eastern‐Central Europe, Romania): Evidence for volcanic degassing
BM Kis, A Caracausi, L Palcsu, C Baciu, A Ionescu, I Futó, A Sciarra, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20 (6), 3019-3043, 2019
A new diatom teratology driven by metal pollution in a temperate river (Roșia Montanǎ, Romania)
A Olenici, S Blanco, M Borrego-Ramos, F Jiménez-Gómez, F Guerrero, ...
Annali di Botanica 9, 113-118, 2019
Occurrence, distribution and ecological risk of trace metals and organic pollutants in surface sediments from a Southeastern European river (Someşu Mic River, Romania)
B Barhoumi, MS Beldean-Galea, AM Al-Rawabdeh, C Roba, IM Martonos, ...
Science of the Total Environment 660, 660-676, 2019
Potential occurrence of alkaline waters in ophiolites from Banat and Apuseni Mountains (Western Romania).
AM Nicula, C Baciu
Ecoterra 16 (2), 11-16, 2019
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