Conf.dr. Mălina PETRESCU-MAG

Conf.dr. Mălina PETRESCU-MAG

Departamentul Știința Mediului /

Domenii de Interes: Dreptul mediului, politici de mediu, istoria constructiei europene, institutii si politici ale Uniunii Europene, Politica Agricola Comuna.


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Factors affecting retailers' fruit waste management: Behavior analysis using the theory of planned behavior and norm activation model
H Rastegari, DC Petrescu, RM Petrescu-Mag
Environmental Development 47, 100913, 2023
Determinants of proper disposal of single-use masks: knowledge, perception, behavior, and intervention measures
DC Petrescu, H Rastegari, IV Petrescu-Mag, RM Petrescu-Mag
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Citizens’ Beliefs Regarding Dog Breed-Specific Legislation. The Case of Romania
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, A Radu Tenter
Journal of applied animal welfare science 26 (2), 168-183, 2023
An intergenerational reading of climate change-health concern nexus: a qualitative study of the Millennials’ and Gen Z participants’ perceptions
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, A Ivan, A Tenter
BMC Public Health 23 (1), 484, 2023
What are the ‘shape friendly’locations to sell misshapen tomatoes? The effect of point of purchase on consumers’ abnormality perception and probability to buy
I Vermeir, DC Petrescu, RM Petrescu-Mag
Food Quality and Preference 106, 104809, 2023
Determinants of Food Waste in Cluj-Napoca (Romania): A Community-Based System Dynamics Approach
BC Archip, I Banatean-Dunea, DC Petrescu, RM Petrescu-Mag
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20 (3), 2140, 2023
Climate Change consciousness: an exploratory study on Farmers’ Climate Change Beliefs and Adaptation Measures
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, H Azadi
Society & Natural Resources 35 (12), 1352-1371, 2022
Consumer evaluation of food quality and the role of environmental cues. A comprehensive cross-country study
DC Petrescu, I Vermeir, P Burny, RM Petrescu-Mag
European Research on Management and Business Economics 28 (2), 100178, 2022
How Climate Change Science is reflected in people’s minds. A cross-country study on people’s perceptions of Climate Change
RM Petrescu-Mag, P Burny, I Banatean-Dunea, DC Petrescu
International journal of environmental research and public health 19 (7), 4280, 2022
A Comparative View of Agri-Environmental Indicators and Stakeholders’ Assessment of Their Quality
IA Spânu, A Ozunu, DC Petrescu, RM Petrescu-Mag
Agriculture 12 (4), 490, 2022
Consumers' acceptance of the first novel insect food approved in the European Union: Predictors of yellow mealworm chips consumption
RM Petrescu‐Mag, H Rastegari Kopaei, DC Petrescu
Food Science & Nutrition 10 (3), 846-862, 2022
The nexus of traditional knowledge and climate change adaptation: Romanian farmers’ behavior towards landraces
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, OL Muntean, IV Petrescu-Mag, ...
Local Environment 27 (2), 229-250, 2022
From scythe to smartphone: Rural transformation in Romania evidenced by the perception of rural land and population
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, H Azadi
Land Use Policy 113, 105851, 2022
Why is Poecilia wingei a distinct species from other species of the genus?
T Păpuc, C Balint, RM Petrescu-Mag
Poeciliid Research 12 (1), 2022
A Comparative View of Agri-Environmental Indicators and Stakeholders’ Assessment of Their Quality. Agriculture 2022, 12, 490
IA Spânu, A Ozunu, DC Petrescu, RM Petrescu-Mag
s Note: MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published …, 2022
Is “wild” a food quality attribute? Heavy metal content in wild and cultivated sea buckthorn and consumers’ risk perception
RM Petrescu-Mag, I Vermeir, C Roba, DC Petrescu, N Bican-Brisan, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (18), 9463, 2021
Drivers of residents’ home composting intention: Integrating the theory of planned behavior, the norm activation model, and the moderating role of composting knowledge
H Rastegari Kopaei, M Nooripoor, A Karami, RM Petrescu-Mag, ...
Sustainability 13 (12), 6826, 2021
Us and them. Is the COVID-19 pandemic a driver for xenophobia in land transactions in Romania?
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, SC Todoran, IV Petrescu-Mag
Land Use Policy 103, 105284, 2021
What drives landowners to resist selling their land? insights from ethical capitalism and landowners’ Perceptions
RM Petrescu-Mag, H Rastegari Kopaei, DC Petrescu
Land 10 (3), 312, 2021
An evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic and perceived social distancing policies in relation to planning, selecting, and preparing healthy meals: an observational study in 38 …
C De Backer, L Teunissen, I Cuykx, P Decorte, S Pabian, S Gerritsen, ...
Frontiers in nutrition 7, 621726, 2021
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