Conf.dr. Mălina PETRESCU-MAG

Conf.dr. Mălina PETRESCU-MAG

Departamentul Știința Mediului /

Domenii de Interes: Dreptul mediului, politici de mediu, istoria constructiei europene, institutii si politici ale Uniunii Europene, Politica Agricola Comuna.


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Citat de
Climate Change Consciousness: An Exploratory Study on Farmers’ Climate Change Beliefs and Adaptation Measures
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, H Azadi
Society & Natural Resources 35 (12), 1352-1371, 2022
Consumer evaluation of food quality and the role of environmental cues. A comprehensive cross-country study
DC Petrescu, I Vermeir, P Burny, RM Petrescu-Mag
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A Comparative View of Agri-Environmental Indicators and Stakeholders’ Assessment of Their Quality
IA Spânu, A Ozunu, DC Petrescu, RM Petrescu-Mag
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Consumers' acceptance of the first novel insect food approved in the European Union: Predictors of yellow mealworm chips consumption
RM Petrescu‐Mag, H Rastegari Kopaei, DC Petrescu
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The nexus of traditional knowledge and climate change adaptation: Romanian farmers’ behavior towards landraces
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, OL Muntean, IV Petrescu-Mag, ...
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From scythe to smartphone: Rural transformation in Romania evidenced by the perception of rural land and population
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, H Azadi
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A Comparative View of Agri-Environmental Indicators and Stakeholders’ Assessment of Their Quality
RM Petrescu-Mag
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M Proorocu, DC Petrescu, P Burny, RM Petrescu-Mag
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Is “Wild” a Food Quality Attribute? Heavy Metal Content in Wild and Cultivated Sea Buckthorn and Consumers’ Risk Perception
RM Petrescu-Mag, I Vermeir, C Roba, DC Petrescu, N Bican-Brisan, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 (18), 9463, 2021
Drivers of residents’ home composting intention: Integrating the theory of planned behavior, the norm activation model, and the moderating role of composting knowledge
H Rastegari Kopaei, M Nooripoor, A Karami, RM Petrescu-Mag, ...
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Citizens’ Beliefs Regarding Dog Breed-Specific Legislation. The Case of Romania
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, A Radu Tenter
Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, 1-16, 2021
Us and them. Is the COVID-19 pandemic a driver for xenophobia in land transactions in Romania?
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, SC Todoran, IV Petrescu-Mag
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What Drives Landowners to Resist Selling Their Land? Insights from Ethical Capitalism and Landowners’ Perceptions
RM Petrescu-Mag, H Rastegari Kopaei, DC Petrescu
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An Evaluation of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Perceived Social Distancing Policies in Relation to Planning, Selecting, and Preparing Healthy Meals: An Observational Study in 38 …
L Encalada, R Roy, A Desmet, M Hoteit, E Naim, TA Alalwan, ...
Frontiers, 2021
A social perspective on soil functions and quality improvement: Romanian farmers’ perceptions
RM Petrescu-Mag, DC Petrescu, H Azadi
Geoderma 380, 114573, 2020
Beliefs and actions towards an environmental ethical life: The christianity-environment nexus reflected in a cross-national analysis
RM Petrescu-Mag, A Ana, I Vermeir, DC Petrescu
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Global land grab: Toward a country typology for future land negotiations
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Traditional foods at the click of a button: the preference for the online purchase of Romanian traditional foods during the COVID-19 pandemic
RM Petrescu-Mag, I Vermeir, DC Petrescu, FL Crista, I Banatean-Dunea
Sustainability 12 (23), 9956, 2020
Environmental risk mitigation for sustainable land use development
H Azadi, DC Petrescu, RM Petrescu-Mag, A Ozunu
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