Școala de vară pe tema Geochimia Fluidelor din Carpații Orientali

Școala de vară pe tema Geochimia Fluidelor din Carpații Orientali

23/07/2023 - 29/07/2023

Together with the Italian Geochemical Society, we are pleased to invite the national and international scientific community to participate in the first edition of the Carpathian Fluid Geochemistry School in the Eastern Carpathians!

The summer school is addresses to MSc holders, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. Its main aim is to bring together the next generation of researchers, active in studies concerning fluid geochemistry, and to introduce them with innovating direct sampling techniques in different geodynamic settings. The summer school is supported by a group of expert teachers in a spectacular gas degassing region in the Carpathians (one of the highest carbon emitting regions in Eastern Europe). Furthermore, it gives young scientists an opportunity to experiment and evaluate new protocols and techniques to be used on fluid emissions covering a broad variety of methods.


Provide the basic tools that are currently used in the sampling and analysis of fluids in volcanic and tectonic settings; and air pollution, in addition to discussing the interpretation of geochemical data and construction of conceptual models for different systems in a hands-on approach.


Thematic areas:

  1. Direct sampling of fluids (gases and water) and data interpretation;
  2. Sampling of noble gases;
  3. In-situ measurements using multi-gas technique;
  4. Measurement of diffuse degassing from soil and water surface;
  5. Lake physico-chemical parameters;
  6. Groundwater dating;
  7. Paleoclimate reconstruction;
  8. Air pollution.



The official language is English.


Important dates:

  • January circular and registration form open
  • Registration deadline 14 April 2023
  • Payment deadline 15 May 2023



Participants interested in the first Carpathian Fluid Geochemical School are requested to complete the following registration form https://forms.gle/N5b4othfQKCW8V7B9 . This will allow your subscription to be added to our database and the interested party will be able to receive updated information about the course and payment. 


Estimated cost:

The cost of the Summer school is 650 euros, which includes logging, transportation and meals in Romania.



The first edition of the school, will be attended, by national and international professors/researchers specialized in the area of study, with extensive experience and responsible for the latest scientific advances in the field of fluid geochemistry.


General program:

  • 23rd July – Arrival in Cluj-Napoca, Registration and ice-breaker
  • 24th July – Seminars on sampling techniques and details on the field work at the Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering
  • 25th July – travel from Cluj-Napoca to Balvanyos (stay at Istvana Panzio), stop at Corund (aragonite mine and CO2/CH4 emissions) and Lupeni for lunch. Fieldwork activities: direct sampling (water + gas), multi-gas, diffuse emissions.
  • 26th JulyCO2 emission sampling and monitoring at Balvanyos. Fieldwork activities: direct sampling (water + gas), multi-gas, diffuse emissions, passive detectors
  • 27th JulySzent Anna crater lake and Mohos peat bog Fieldwork activities: direct sampling (water + dissolved gas), multi-gas, diffuse emissions, lake chemical-physical profiles
  • 28th July – Travel from Balvanyos back to Cluj-Napoca + farewell party
  • 29th July – transfer to the airport
More information

COVID situation:

According to the situation updated in January of 2023, Romania does not present restrictions for the entry of foreigners into national territory and there is free movement within the country for residents and foreigners. The use of masks is not mandatory.